Sewer & Septic Installation

Hamilton Plumbers specialise in sewer and septic wastewater installation.

As a homeowner with a septic tank system, you are responsible for maintaining the on-site waste management to your soil designer’s requirements. This responsibility extends to and includes any home renovation, or additional dwellings to your existing home or property.

Hamilton Plumbers installs, repairs, replaces, or decommissions a range of residential septic tank systems. Our experienced septic plumbers will assess and recommend the best septic tank system for your onsite home sewage solutions.

Septic tank maintenance responsibility as a homeowner may include:
Maintaining a leak-free septic tank and sewer drainage system.
Carry out repairs in the tank or drains and perform regular maintenance and system checks.
Ensure the septic tank is pumped out when required.
Follow your soil designer’s septic system installation, maintenance & operation guidelines.

How will you know if your septic system needs attention?
It can smell bad. A broken or leaking home septic system is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.
There is considerable growth of grass or vegetation around the septic tank or trench dispersal area.
You can see damp, soggy areas or puddles around the septic tank.

Your kitchen, laundry, bathroom or ensuite sinks are slow to drain or toilets backup.
Your septic tank, at a minimum, should be pumped out every 4 years.  If you are uncertain, Hamilton Plumbers can provide advice.

Hamilton Plumbers provide quotes for residential plumbing excavation works, having a 2.5 tonne machine to handle most plumbing projects.