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Home Bathroom Renno Projects

Are you thinking about tackling your home bathroom renno project? Does your bathroom, ensuite, kitchen or laundry need a make over?  Hamilton Plumbers can provide advice for design, layout, water saving and plumbing solutions that will save you money.

From time to time, we want to upgrade the look, feel or layout of our kitchen, laundry, bathroom, ensuite or appliances like dishwashers or washing machines. Perhaps you are adding an extension to your family home, adding a granny flat, or work shed to your property.

Hamilton Plumbers provides free quotes and can assist with remodelling and the design process to provide affordable upgrades and plumbing solutions to your kitchen, laundry, bathroom or ensuite upgrade project.

Hamilton Plumbers work with many clients directly and builders to quote on home renovation or extension plans.  Hamilton Plumbers can assist with the design process and provide affordable plumbing solutions for your home renovation or extension project.  Ultimately, we install quality plumbing solutions for your bathroom, ensuite, kitchen or laundry renovation, extension, new granny flat or work shed.

Did you know?  Hamilton Plumbers provide residential repair and maintenance plumbing including emergency plumbing and leak detection at your property.  How we can help you: Refurbishment of tapware that is dripping, leaking or you just want a new look for your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry. Hot water unit repair, replacement, and new installation. Toilet suite, shower head, basin, or vanity unit replacements, new dishwasher and washing machine installation.  Plus, home drinking water filtration system installation.

At Hamilton we understand and appreciate the value attached to your property.
Hamilton Plumbers, Atherton Tablelands has built a professional residential and commercial plumbing reputation throughout the region and in Cairns for over 30 years.  Trusted, affordable and family owned.

Hamilton Plumbers high level of commitment to professional plumbing solutions remains the same today as it did 30+ years ago; to provide quality services, experiences, and quality lifestyle enhancements to your home.